DR. Joshua A. Okumbe, PHD.


Dr. Okumbe is a longstanding scholar, researcher, expert and trainer in corporate governance, leadership and management. He has undertaken this for more than 30 years, as a scholar and publisher at the University of Nairobi and as the key leader in corporate governance and leadership training and research at the Centre for Corporate Governance.

Dr. Okumbe has facilitated the development and implementation of corporate governance Training Manuals and guidelines in a number of regions in Africa, US and Brazil. To-date, Dr. Okumbe has provided strategic leadership that has enabled the Centre to design and implement a variety of developmental, training and mentorship programmes in corporate governance and leadership for over 15,997 Public Leaders, Board Members, Executives and Senior Managers of a cross-section of organisations and companies in Anglophone and Francophone Africa.

He has disseminated research studies on corporate governance practices in companies, Banks and SMEs; conducted Board Evaluations and Mentorship Programmes for various corporations and the developed curricula for Postgraduate, Graduate and Diploma programmes in Corporate Governance for implementation by Universities and institutions of higher learning. He has played a key role as a Chief Judge and Judge in the Kenyan Performance Contracts, COG Awards, Capital Markets Awards, Banking Awards and Insurance Awards. He has facilitated the development of Competency Based Diploma Curriculum in Corporate Governance at the Centre.