Mr. Herbert Mwachiro

Mr Herbert Mwachiro joined EIK Council in 2013 and he is the current President of Environment Institute of Kenya (EIK). He has served as EIK Chairman since 2014 before being elected the current President under the new EIK constitution amendment, 2018.
Also, he is the current Chairman KFS Coast Conservancy and Chairman KEPSA sector board – Sports, Arts and Culture and a member of the KEPSA Governing Council as a Board Director.
He has over 18 years’ experience in Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental matters, Public Relations and Marketing. Among the thematic issues, he has dealt with include Corporate Governance, Environment, Climate Change, Employment, Health and Safety, Training, Communities, Human Resources, Anti-Corruption and Labour issues.
A graduate of Moi University, Eldoret. Herbert is a registered NEMA Lead Expert, ISO 22000 Lead Expert, certified EDES Expert, Health and Safety Expert, as well as a JICA, certified Trainer of Trainers. A pioneer Global Compact proponent. Herbert is a member of the KEBS ISO 26000 National Mirror Committee as well as a Director at the Institute for Education in Democracy (IED).